White Laminated Italian Poplar OSB3 2440x1220x18mm

White Laminated Italian Poplar OSB3 2440x1220x18mm

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Description: Poplar OSB3 board is made of layered poplar strands which are bonded and pressed at hot temperature, overlaid with white high-pressure laminate color ABET30 on both sides. Thanks to the crosswise layered structure, the possibility of shrinking and swelling due to variations in humidity is highly reduced.  Poplar OSB strands, obtained from debarked logs of poplar, are about 15-30 mm wide and a few tenths of a millimeter thick, much thinner than those used for standard OSB. Poplar OSB board is light, well performing and aesthetically pleasing. The product is environmentally friendly, economical and multifunctional. Poplar OSB compared to traditional OSB, guaranteeing a unique mechanical-weight performance ratio. The panel is bonded with high-performance MDI glue without formaldehyde and resistant to humidity.

The advantages of product are light and uniform colour, no added formaldehyde, water resistance, lightweight, mechanical performance, easy to work and cut.

 Applications: interior only, wall paneling, ceilings, equipment for commercial vehicles, architectural design, building and construction,  transport, furniture, joinery. 

Processing options: Poplar OSB is suitable for CNC routing.

Density: 530 kg/m3