Premium Italian Poplar Plywood AB/B 2440x1220x3mm Laser Cut (3 plies)

Premium Italian Poplar Plywood AB/B 2440x1220x3mm Laser Cut (3 plies)

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Poplar plywood is a natural environmentally friendly product manufactured using poplar veneers by cross bonding. 

Poplar plywood is light-weight. Density is 426 kg/m3. Face side AB, reverse side B. 

AB – Face grade ideal for staining, lacquering, painting. Few pin knots or healthy and adhering knots without cracks. A very light in contrast discoloration is allowed as well as good quality putty or repair work that blends in with the rest of the surface. 

B – May contain healthy, adhering knots of diameter up to 35mm, small fallen knots or cracks, as long as good putty work has been done. May also include discoloration that is not very contrasting, some glue stains here and there, good repair, and putty work.

Applications: interior only, laser cutting, wall paneling, ceilings, shop fitting, design, and decoration. It is used for high-quality Italian kitchens and furniture and also for any type of caravan or recreational vehicles, tiny homes, houses on wheels, etc.

Processing options: Poplar Plywood can be stained or painted. It is suitable for CNC routing and laser cutting.