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We ship from Melbourne to QLD, NSW, ACT, NT, SA, TAS and WA, and offer a broad range of structural and architectural plywood & cladding.

Nothing short of miracle.

Our tongue-and-groove cladding system makes it easy to install and arrange, wherever you need it.

Specialty Product

Italian Poplar Plywood

We select the best Italian Poplar Plywood especially for the Australian Market.

Flexible & Light

Bendy Plywood

Rules are meant to be bent.

Feeling Cheeky?

Make your moments memorable with the best DIY materials now on sale.

Film Faced Plywood

Our film faced plywood is used for almost anything you can think of- have a look!

Ply Online News

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  • Poplar OSB3 - The Ultimate Design Solution.

    Ply Online offers a range of Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) alongside our vast plywood range, and would like to introduce you to the benefits of this natural yet stylish material.

  • Plywood Throughout History

    Ply Online believes it is important for our customers to know more on the history of plywood and how it has been used throughout the ages, and therefore we would like to provide this informative and educational article on the production and use of plywood from the ancient times to the modern day.

  • What Is Plywood, And How Is It Made?

    Plywood is among one of the most versatile and common materials used for structural and decorative purposes. But what most don't know is what exactly it is, how it's made and why it is often preferred to timber sheets.

Small living? Adjusto can help.

PlyOnline is proud to announce our newest height adjustable table range.

People are sitting at the table and share dishes