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Poplar OSB3

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About Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Oriented strand boards (OSB) are also commonly known as sterling boards or flake boards. This engineered wood product is made up of individual poplar wood strands which are tightly adhered to each other with wax and resin in specific orientations.

Bonzano OSB is the first oriented strand panel in the world. Compared to traditional OSB, the innovative production process allows larger (up to 120 x 40 mm) and thinner (0,8 mm) strands to be obtained, guaranteeing a unique mechanical-weight performance ratio. The panel is bonded with high-performance MDI glue without formaldehyde and is humidity-resistant.

To create OSB, oriented strand board suppliers will layer many tightly compressed thin wood strands in cross-oriented layers up to the required width and then compress layers together at high temperatures in a thermal press.

Individual panels are then cut from the mats into finished sizes.

This results in high-quality particle boards that offer versatility, strength, and durability in various building projects, such as wall and floor construction.

The microstructure of oriented strand board is closest to that of solid wood so stability in fatigue, even at high humidity, compares well with MDF and chipboard.

Comparedβ€―to plywood, generally, OSB finished product is heavier and swells more when wet, especially at panel edges. It retains water longer than plywood.

It has replaced plywood in certain environments.

Manufacturer's Technical Data Sheet

Different Types of OSB

There are different types of OSB panels that are categorized according to their suitability for certain purposes and environments.

We are Oriented Strand Board suppliers of OSB3 which can be used in a variety of different home improvement and building projects.

OSB 3 - A strong, load-bearing board that can be used in humid conditions.Β 

Other types of OSB Boards are:

OSB 1 - This is an all-purpose board that is suitable for interior construction and furniture in dry conditions.

OSB 2 - A stronger version of oriented strand board that can be used for load-bearing purposes in dry conditions (structural and water resistant on face).

OSB 4 - Heavier duty boards that can bear heavy loads in humid environments.

OSB3 Applications

OSB3 is a strong, affordable, and easy-to-use board that can be used in various construction projects and can bear a substantial amount of weight. Common uses include:

  • Strong wall and floor sheathing
  • Heavy-wearing flooring
  • Robust boards for roofing projects
  • Versatile boards for many general construction tasks
  • Create long-term site hoardings
  • Great for concrete formwork
  • Often used for sign boards
  • Can be used to create strong packaging
  • Easy to use in DIY projects and home renovations

If you would like to ask about our OSB panels or if you have other questions, don't hesitate to call us onΒ (03) 8522 1508

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