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6 Tips to Beautify Your Bathroom

6 Tips to Beautify Your Bathroom - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

Although aesthetics and style are important when it comes to bathroom design, functionality means a lot. What questions are under consideration?

How to maximise the space? How to install the proper bathroom storage zone?

How to increase the lifespan of the components? And finally, when it comes to bathroom design or renovation, the balance between price and quality is extremely important. There are some hints to beautify your bathroom.

  1. Space savings hint. If you want to free up some storage space, consider shower-bath combo.
  2. In Australia, we all know what humidity means. The exhaust fan installation is the priority. Say Goodbye to foggy mirrors and mould. 
  3. Mirrors and cabinets. It has always been a very important part of every space where people live. Light up your mirror with LEDs. Even better if you can install space organizing bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors for a tidy and covered look. White melamine plywood can be a great option for creating your own cabinets. 
  4. Flooring serves an important practical purpose, but it is definitely used to add visual appeal to a bathroom too. When searching for your perfect flooring solution, look for a birch multigrey plywood. This product is not only water proof and aesthetically beautiful, it is easy to clean and simple to install. You will be surprised by the price and quality balance
  5. Walls. You probably don’t need waterproof walls for the whole bathroom. You can use stone, laminate, tiles or plastic for wet areas in your shower recess. And save some cash when selecting the laminated poplar or aluminium for the other damp areas.
  6. And remember, selecting the right details can turn your bathroom into the centre of attention!

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