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Creative Storage Solutions - Recessed Shelves and Cabinets

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

Have you ever asked yourself, what makes better use of the available space and how to start the project? Here is good news for you. 

Any space can be transformed into your desired project if you are into DIY or have authorised handymen to make your dreams real, and of course, if you are using Ply Online's plywood for your home renovation.

Plywood has been known as a stylish, natural and easy-to-work with material for a while and this trend isn't going anywhere. Italian Poplar Plywood and Russian Birch Plywood both ideally fit the idea of natural, full of air and space, and a large modern house concept.

However, these reasonable priced materials are perfect choice for small spaces too. Plywood brings softness to any room, and can be a good choice for kitchen, lounge, kids room, bedroom or bathroom. There are lots of ways to add plywood to your design, like kitchen cabinets, book shelves, and plywood walls.

Plywood is good for making your own custom furniture as well. A plywood wall in the kids room creates storage space and recessed shelves which are great to display some toys. Plywood bathroom shelves give your bathroom a warm and natural feel. The plumbing in a bathroom can be hidden with plywood wall. 

You can create any style using mirrors, some concealed lights behind the plywood shelves and adding style accents you prefer. Italian lightweight poplar ply is a great choice when it comes to walls. Russian Birch Plywood can be used in most reno projects.

Any room can be redesigned with recessed shelving, and any place can be improved with adding some organic looking plywood. 

Before starting a project, many clients already have prepared a sketch model of how their desirable house should look. Ply Online has affiliated interior designer to help you to visualise your dream.