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DIY Sized Plywood: We Help to Stick to Your Budget

Did you know, that up to 65% of Australian homeowners did some home renovation last year? And a huge part of all house improvements is DIY projects.   

Using DIY sized plywood is not only economically great, but it also helps to reduce offcuts and to save the environment.

Some people don’t look at plywood furniture as high end, but Baltic or Russian birch plywood is the perfect product to create kitchen or bathroom cabinets. It is very straight with tight, even plies that look beautiful and unique when exposed.  

Or you can beautify your caravan using HPL Poplar Plywood for wall panelling. Poplar is a lightweight material, easy to work with.  

Ply Online Team supports your creative and enthusiastic DIY projects and offers DIY sized plywood which makes your job easy and enjoyable. DIY size is 2×4′.

Ply Online also has the following regular plywood panel sizes: 5×10′, 4×8′ and 5×5′. 

Please contact us for more information!

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