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Hexa Plus Birch Plywood: The All-In-One Plywood Solution

Hexa Plus Birch Plywood: The All-In-One Plywood Solution - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

Finding sturdy, appealing and versatile plywood can be challenging, but Ply Online can make that task easier.

Hexa Plus Birch Plywood is a birch plywood covered with 220 g/m2 phenolic film on face, patterned with a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, and a 120g/m2 phenolic film on reverse

The film side of this plywood is overlaid with resin impregnated phenolic film, and during the coating process a hexagonal pattern is hot-pressed onto the sheet surface. As the pattern is pressed into the impregnated film, this creates a textured layer on the plywood that makes it non-slip but also visually appealing.

Most Hexa birch plywood presented on the market is overlaid with 120 g/m2 film on both sides. For shop fitting and wall panelling it is not a major concern. However, if used for flooring, the thickness of the film is crucial in terms of wear resistance.

For comparison, Hexa phenolic film 120 g/m2 tolerates up to 400 Taber revolutions, while 220 g/m2 tolerates up to 900 Taber revolutions (Taber test according to EN 438-2 standard. Check Taber Industries for more details).

This is where Hexa Plus Birch Plywood comes in; with its film face having a thick 220 g/m2 phenolic film, while the reverse is 120 g/m2, it is resistant against mechanical damage and wear, making this product the perfect solution for flooring, wall panelling, joinery, shop fitting, ute/van floors and scaffolding.

In addition to its high-wear and non-slip properties, Hexa Plus Birch Plywood is also resistant to most commonly used household chemicals and water (sawn edges must be sealed with waterproof coating).

The exterior WBP glue used to join the layers of this plywood is waterproof, making Hexa Plus fit not only for interiors but also exteriors. This plywood can be processed using CNC, drilling, milling, and jointing.

Other advantages of Hexa Plus Birch Plywood inlclude:
  • High wear resistance and anti-slip surface ensuring safety underfoot
  • Weather resistant gluing and water resistant surface
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Durable and heavy-duty
  • Surface is resistant to commonly used chemicals and surface impact, easy to clean for repeated uses
  • Aesthetic and visually attractive
  • Sustainable product with long life span

Currently it is one of our most popular products, as a highly versatile, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for interior and exterior uses.

Check out our fresh stock of Black Hexa Plus Birch Plywood here:

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 810x610x9mm (Non-Slip)

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 1220x610x18mm (Non-Slip)

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 1220x2440x12mm (Non-Slip)

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 810x610x12mm (Non-Slip)

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 810x610x18mm (Non-Slip) 

Black Hexa Plus Baltic Birch Plywood 1220x2440x18mm (Non-Slip) EXT

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