Inspirational and practical ideas for bathroom from Richwise Australia!

Richwise Australia introduces birch plywood for general application as well as bathroom renovation.

Film faced, laminated and clear coated birch plywood offers some more functional alternatives for design applications requiring general moisture resistance. Birch plywood is a suitable alternative in wet areas such as bathrooms due to waterproof properties.

Ergonomical and space-saving properties: plywood is used as a decorative wall and ceiling paneling and flooring improve insulation properties of the dwelling without the drastic increase in thickness. Plywood can significantly maximize interior comfort and help to minimize your energy bills.

Technical properties: birch plywood is easy to cut and drill with proper tools. Due to high screw withdrawal force, you may choose any spot to tighten the screw in without the need to chase studs. Film faced, laminated and clear coated birch plywood don’t require finishing. These products are ready to use.

Suitable applications: general and bathroom floors, walls (except the shower recess), ceilings, cabinets.

And definitely, the design consideration needs to come in. Birch plywood is well known as a stylish product easy to fit in many interiors.

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