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What is Lightweight Italian Poplar OSB and Where to Use It? - Ply Online

What is Lightweight Italian Poplar OSB and Where to Use It?


Lightweight Italian OSB Poplar is a versatile moisture-proof product with a guaranteed unique mechanical-weight performance ratio. OSB Poplar doesn’t contain any formaldehyde. 

The product is ready to use, does not require polishing or staining, suitable for CNC cutting, resistant to screw removal.

OSB Poplar is made entirely of cross-fiber sheets and is distinctly light compared to its dimensions, ensuring excellent hold for fastening elements and unparalleled dimensional stability. 

Thanks to the crosswise layered structure, the possibility of shrinking and swelling due to variations in humidity is highly reduced.

Applicable for interior only, walls and ceilings, carved panels, space dividers, furniture plus any decorative application.

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