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OSB boards explained

OSB boards explained - Ply Online

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OSB Boards explained

OSB boards stand for Oriented Strand Board.

What is OSB wood?

OSB is a type of engineered wood panel similar to chipboard or particle board, formed by adding special polyresin and then compressing oriented layers of wood strands (flakes). This product was invented in California, USA in 1963.

OSB is manufactured in large mats from perpendicularly-oriented layers of less than 1 mm thick, rectangular timber strips pressed and glued together with synthetic resin adhesives and wax.

What are types of OSB in Australia?

In Australia the most popular types are

OSB/3: Perfect for interior and structural application as well as decorative material.

OSB/4: Heavy-duty structural boards made for use in humid conditions.

What is OSB made of?

OSB boards can be manufactured from deciduous and coniferous softwoods like fir, spruce, poplar, pine, aspen.

Ply Online offers Premium Italian Poplar OSB3 which is made of poplar strands 0.3-0.5 mm thick and 15-30 mm wide, layered in cross-wise direction, bonded and pressed at high temperature. Cross-layering reduces the possibility of OSB panel swelling and shrinking due to air humidity and temperature fluctuations as a result.

Poplar OSB is light, aesthetically appealing, well performing, and sustainable product. The advantages are:

  • light and eye-catching colour,
  • no formaldehyde added,
  • water resistant,
  • lightweight,
  • strong mechanical performance,
  • easy to cut and work with.

The panel is glued with high performance MDI glue.

What is OSB used for?

  • Wall and roof bracing
  • Internal walls and ceilings lining
  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Sheds interiors
  • Pet houses
  • Poultry coops
  • DIY projects

Is OSB eco-friendly?

Poplar OSB is made of fully sustainable timber planted in Europe on certified plantations. 

Can you sand OSB?

Poplar OSB is already sanded on both sides.

However, you can sand most of the structural OSB panels.