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Plywood Panels Ideas for Carving and Decorative Lights

Plywood Panels Ideas for Carving and Decorative Lights - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

Ply Online proudly presents an astonishing idea of making a big miracle from one piece of plywood, decorative lights and fantasy! Ply Online carved plywood panel!

You can use it as a Christmas and festive decoration, as well as everyday house interior embellishment. It can be used as space dividers, feature wall panels, kids room decorations, fireplace replacements, outdoor feature walls (with or without LED lighting), kitchen island front panels or feature ceiling lights.

To create this beautiful masterpiece we used birch plywood CNC cut. Exposed birch plywood edges add on volume and extra detail by showing off it’s a layered structure. This CNC cut decorative birch plywood light panel works well for stress relieving, relaxation and colour therapy sessions.

Take a look at this beautiful, shimmering deer! It’s like a door to your childhood fairytales. People of all ages, young or old, will love this mesmerizing piece of wonder!

These panels ideally suit commercial interiors also and ideal for shop windows, reception desks and cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. The pattern size and LED lighting can be customized.

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