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HEXA Plus - High Wear Resistant Non Slip Birch Plywood

HEXA Plus - High Wear Resistant Non Slip Birch Plywood - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

The range of non-slip birch plywood with pattern overlaid are specially designed for applications such as vehicle floors, industrial flooring and load bearing platforms where high wear resistance and non-slip properties are required.

The non-slip range of birch plywood products includes Riga Foot, Riga Heksa, Riga Heksa Plus, Riga Tex and Riga Trans.

Environmentally friendly and hygienic, the range offers high wear resistance, non-slip properties with a rating of DIN 51130 R10, and good visual appearance. It is weatherproof and waterproof, resists commonly used chemicals and is easy-to-clean.

Comprising birch plywood overlaid with a phenol or UV-resistant film on both sides, the Anti-slip range features wear faces with distinct, hot-pressed surface patterns, while the reverse face is usually smooth.

The heavy-duty anti-slip plywood is a film-faced plywood coated with a German-made wear-resistant phenolic film (wearing capacity at least 4,000 Taber test rotations).

Heavy-duty plywood is up to 20 times more wear-resistant than a standard film-faced plywood surface.