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Riga Ply Birch Plywood BB/BB 6.5mm Laser Safe INT

Product name: Birch Plywood INT BB/BB 6.5mm

Grade: BB - Discoloration is allowed up to 70% of a sheet surface. Loose knots and open defects are patched, patches should match surrounding grain direction and color in amount of 8 per square meter.

Grain: cross-grain

Composition: 5 plies 

Glue:  MR interior E1 

Density: 750 kg/m3

Panel weight: 1220x2440x6.5mm - 15 kg

Description: This product is birch plywood glued with interior melamine urea glue. 

Applications: laser cutting, furniture, doors, architectural and interior design solutions,  shop fitting, feature walls.

Original price $17.00 - Original price $88.00
Original price
$17.00 - $88.00
Current price $88.00
Size: 1220x2440

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