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Flexible Acoustic Slat Wall Bamboo Panel 2900x400x25mm

Flexi Square Bamboo Slat Wall Panel WD20-2020S is a shiplap wall cladding made of carbonised bamboo battens 2900x20x20mm, backed with 5 mm flexible 3 plies Ceiba Plywood.  Bamboo cladding is an eco-friendly and stylish choice for interior wall lining; it’s made with renewable and sustainably sourced bamboo, which makes it environmentally friendly.

The bamboo battens 20x20x2900 mm are spaced 10mm from each other, arranged on a 5mm Flexible Ceiba Plywood. Each batten's grain runs along the length of the sheet. 

Finish: CA UV 15°

Panel Dimensions: 2900x400x25 mm

Weight (per panel) 11.5 kg

Density: 396 kg/m3

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