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Hexa Black Eucalyptus Plywood F14, Exterior Glue 9mm- 4 Sizes Available

 Black Hexa Hardwood Plywood is overlaid with hexagonal patterned phenolic film 250 grams per square metre on one face and with the smooth phenolic film 120 gr/m2 on the reverse.

The patterned surface has high wear resistance. Taber test 400-500 revolutions. Hexa Hardwood Plywood has decorative appearance, weather- and water-proof, resists commonly used household chemicals, and is easy to clean. It is environmentally friendly, sustainable product.

Anti-slip Class: in accordance with European Standard DIN 51130 R 10, according to AS 4586:2013 P4, D1.

Glue: Exterior Phenol-formaldehyde E1

Density: 645 kg/m3

Structural Rating: F14

Applications: anti-slip flooring exterior and interior, mezzanine floors, campervan and caravan/van floors, ute trays, storage shelves, shop fitting, flight cases, toolboxes, grandstands, temporary events infrastructure, stages, decks, bathroom quick floors, laundry quick floors, industrial storage and shelving, design and architectural projects.

Original price $16.00 - Original price $85.00
Original price
$16.00 - $85.00
Current price $16.00
Size: 810x610mm

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