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Clear Coated Poplar Plywood Arrived to Australia!

Clear Coated Poplar Plywood Arrived to Australia! - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

Authentic lightweight and ready-to-use Clear Coated Poplar Plywood finally arrived to Australia.

The product was specially designed for the Australian market by Ply Online and Invernizzi Spa Plywood companies. This material is distributed by Ply Online and Richwise Australia on an exclusive basis.

The clear-coated premium-grade poplar plywood is a natural product manufactured using poplar veneers (at least 3 layers), that have been overlapped and whose grains are longitudinally glued.

A clear coat allows all beautiful natural colour, grain and character of the wood go through.

Easy to work with, characterised by natural colour, resistant and environmental friendly clear coated poplar plywood is extremely versatile and may be used for several purposes.

The big advantage of the product is low weight.

The poplar plywood sheet (2440mm*1220mm*18mm) is 40% lighter than the birch plywood sheet and 25% lighter than pine plywood sheet of the same size. The product is suitable for CNC cutting.

The Clear Coated Poplar Plywood can be ideally used for walls and ceilings. The product is finished and ready to use.

The poplar plywood is suitable for building furniture, door and windows frames, carpentry and packaging. Because of its relatively low weight, it can be used to build high structural stresses in shop and interior fitting, shipbuilding, bathroom furniture, and also in the vehicle construction.

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