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How to Create a Home Office Space that Allows You to Work Effectively

How to Create a Home Office Space that Allows You to Work Effectively - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

If you already owning a home-based business, a home office is where you used to keep your files, communicate with your manager or clients, and keep track of your bookkeeping.

The situation with Covid-19 made huge changes in everyone’s life. Besides many fears, inconveniences and restrictions, there is one more moment.
Now it is time for many of us to very quickly create a working space at our homes, for an undefined time.

Ply Online is here to help with some ideas and materials.
There are some steps on how to create a home office space that allows you to work effectively. 

  • Light and noise. Your whole working surface should be good evenly illuminated. Control unwanted noise. Barking dogs and annoying kids can be a factor, reducing your work productivity.
  • Take regular breaks, the same as you used to do in your normal office on every day’s basis.
  • Get access to the information and people you need. You may need to access your workplace server, to receive files, send reports or data to others. Make sure you have the software installed on your computer.
  • You will participate in meetings remotely. Install videoconference. Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses. Skype is the second popular app for business.  
  • You need to operate with a big amount of data and files from your home office now. Check the availability of Dropbox, iCloud and other data storage facilities.
  • Get a good adjustable chair.
  • Give yourself enough of desktop space and arrange your storage. You may urgently need a desk or filing cabinet, but considering the lockdown situation in Australia right now, to adapt the existing bookshelves or to build some simple DIY office desk or cabinets seems to be a reasonable idea. We are happy to help with birch or poplar plywood. We offer cut to size service and shipping to your place.
  • Stay positive and safe! 

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