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Plywood Space Dividers Inspirations and Where to Use Them

Plywood Space Dividers Inspirations and Where to Use Them - Ply Online

Vitaliya Khoruzhaya |

A room divider helps you make the most of your space. Do you want to add a little privacy to your open space office or define an area in your living room? 

Room dividers are widely used in offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as for dividing the space into living rooms and gardens. 

To help you to choose the right room divider, let’s have a look at some types of space dividers. First, there are three main materials, plywood, wood or metal for room dividers. 

Where and how do people usually use plywood space dividers?

  1. Office. If you’re working in the open space area the room divider can be a great way to prioritize privacy and visually maximize your working space.
  2. Café, restaurants. Beautifully carved plywood dividers add style and creativity to any café or restaurant.
  3. Home. Room dividers are most frequently functional, but decorative varieties are contributing to fashion plus to simple utility. Like any other decoration, plywood space dividers can showcase your artistic sensibilities while still serving a purpose.
  4. Garden. A privacy screen is one of the people’s favourite garden hacks. Decorative garden screens and dividers will block prying eyes while welcoming sunlight and shadows into a garden.

Ply Online offers a professional CNC router and design service to create any room divider from our plywood. Lacquered Birch Plywood is one of the best materials for this purpose and is available at our Melbourne warehouse.

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