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The kitchen is the heart of any house, and Ply Online aims to help manifest this idea with our selection of plywood materials.

To make the right choice when building or renovating your kitchen it’s essential to know the basic types of kitchen cabinets. There are five main types of materials for kitchen cabinets: wood, plywood, thermofoil, laminate and metal.

1. Laminate is a synthetic material that is made of compressed wood. Pluses: Aesthetically pleasing and durable—laminate protects against scratches, stains, etc. Minuses: Laminate isn’t invincible, so any damage done is likely irreversible. Price can vary depending on the type.

2. Thermofoil cabinets are made of vacuum-pressed vinyl.
Advantages: Affordable price with numerous design styles. Disadvantages: Susceptible to heat—may need heat shields if cabinets are near an oven. Unrepairable if the vinyl layer is damaged.

3. Metal cabinets are available in a variety of shiny and brushed metals, often it’s stainless steel. Advantages: Unaffected by heat or humidity. Durable and stain-resistant. Disadvantages: Costly, and scratch and dent prone—and tend to show fingerprints prominently.

4. Wood cabinets come in a variety of styles such as natural, stained, or painted finishes. Advantages: Nicks and scratches are easily repairable. Wood cabinets can be painted or re-stained to recreate a new look. Disadvantages: Humidity can cause wood to warp over time.

5. And finally, the fifth and the most common cabinet material is plywood, and there are several types that top the list of cabinet plywood, birch being the most popular. The biggest advantage of plywood is its affordable price and lightweight. Birch plywood is well known as one of the best plywood in the world for joinery. This practical material is very robust, long-lasting and tolerant to the exuberance of family life.

Moreover, there is Opal White Birch Plywood which combines all good attributes of wood, yet doesn’t sustain water damage, as it is overlaid with a semi-transparent phenolic film on both sides.

This product is environmentally friendly, durable, easily workable, hygienic, odor-free, easy-to-clean, wear-resistant, water-proof and resists commonly used domestic chemicals. Available on the exterior or interior glue. Opal White Birch Plywood is used for decorative applications.

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