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The Scandinavian decor has become a global trend. Simple and super functional, all about decluttered space and natural materials. Characterized by lots of space and light, white walls, wooden floors, and simple natural furniture with some modern accents. Here are 5 key points of Scandi style from Richwise Australia;
1. Natural materials, wood, plants, flowers
2. Decluttered space, minimalistic style
3. Neutral interior color palette
4. Natural light, lots of space
5. Fresh and funky accents in décor
White and natural are the ideal basic colors for all elements of the Scandinavian interior, for walls, flooring and furniture. Choosing natural birch plywood for the kitchen, bookcases and home office, for ceilings and stairs allows you to create a stylish atmosphere without getting over your budget.
Are you confused, how to complete your house design with some funky details? Add some natural throw blankets, plants, some monochrome pictures on white or neutral colored walls. Scandinavian décor is often based on contrasts, black and white. Wooden accents are important.
Keep in mind, while a Scandinavian kitchen should be clean and ordered, it shouldn’t be cold. Add some timber and natural wood texture to warm the space up.
Lacquered Birch plywood on interior glue will be perfectly suitable for walls, ceilings, working surfaces, kitchen furniture and other home components.
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