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Riga Silent Acoustic Birch Plywood BB/BB EXT 2440x1220x18 mm

Acoustic Birch Plywood is a birch throughout plywood composite panel with sound reduction material core, designed to provide improved sound insulation and absorb vibrations.

Face Grade: BB – natural face with colour variations and healthy knots, suitable for coating with laminates, colour paints, or varnishes. May contain healthy adhering knots size up to 35mm in diameter. 

Discoloration is allowed up to 70% of a sheet surface. Loose knots and open defects are covered with plugs, plugs should match surrounding grain direction and colour. Up to 8 patches are allowed per one square meter.

Glue: weather and boil-proof phenol-formaldehyde or lignin phenol formaldehyde resin adhesive according to EN 314/Class 3 Exterior. The cork/rubber insert is bonded using a combination of melamineurea-formaldehyde (MUF) adhesive with hardener intended for end uses, where high water and weather resistance is needed.

Airborne sound insulation: according to EN ISO 717, 31 dB (100-3150 Hz) and higher.

Applications: rail transport floors, heavy and light trucks, vehicle trays, transport floors, mezzanine floors, yachts, and boats floors.

Processing options: Panels can be further processed according to customer's specification: cut-to-size, CNC, drilling, milling, jointing, edge machining, and assembling in sets.

Grain: Cross-grain

Density: 750 kg/m3

Fully customizable panels with various finishes and overlays are available upon request. MOQ from 6 cubic meters. Feel free to send us your project description and drawings for quotation here.

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