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Premium Birch Plywood B/BB WBP 18mm- 3 Sizes Available

Description: Birch plywood is harvested in the northern regions of Europe. Due to frosts this plywood has very light natural colour.

It composes of 1.4 mm thick birch plies by cross bonding with either melamine urea glue (interior glue, no visible glue line), or phenol-formaldehyde glue (exterior glue (WBP), brown glue line).

This is a high-quality structural and decorative material. The surface is sanded on both faces.

Appearance grades of the Birch Plywood:

B (Premium Grade) Practically without defects. Discoloration is allowed up to 15% of the sheet surface, loose knots and knotholes sized up to 5 mm are allowed up to 3 per m2

BB – Discoloration is allowed up to 70% of a sheet surface. Loose knots and open defects are patched, patches (plugs) should match surrounding grain direction and colour.

Applications: exterior and interior, architectural design, laser cutting, exterior and interior furniture, cabinets, joinery, flooring, wall lining, caravan and campervan walls, decorative and structural applications, staircase, partitions, refrigeration truck bodies, scaffolding planks, space dividers, DIY and hobby projects.

Processing options: Birch Plywood can be stained, painted, oiled and waxed. It is suitable for CNC routing and printing HD images. Birch plywood on the interior glue is suitable for laser cutting.

Original price $67.00 - Original price $242.00
Original price
$67.00 - $242.00
Current price $67.00
Size: 1220x610mm

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