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Riga Diamond Baltic Birch Plywood Non-Slip 18mm- 3 Sizes Available

Black Diamond Baltic Birch Plywood is birch plywood on exterior glue, overlaid with  phenolic film 220 gsm on both faces. The wear face has a special surface pattern (WT). The reverse face usually is smooth (F).

Application: architectural design, interior design, flooring, the floor of trailers, vans, buses, containers, playgrounds, loading platforms, exhibition stands, shop fitting, tiny homes, cabinets, outdoor furniture and kitchens. In general - where high wear-resistant surface and pleasant visual appearance are required.

Density: 750kg/m3

Glue: Exterior phenol-formaldehyde

Original price $82.00 - Original price $297.00
Original price
$82.00 - $297.00
Current price $82.00
Size: 1220x610mm

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